When you’re in the forbidden forest and you stumble across Draco Malfoy putting his thingie in Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way’s you-know-what



*fully embraces wine mom culture at age 19*

ok also the way theyre tearing down the posters is like……..kind of unsettling???

people have been ripping them off the wall and crumpling them up and leaving them on the floor. like not even bothering to pretend like nothing was there. carving Xs into them. i saw one that had FAGS carved into it

im talking about this a lot and maybe im overreacting but this just makes me so angry and i want to teach these fuckers a lesson

like i personally dont care if people hate me if i come out. its ur fucking loss. i dont want to be around u if ur like that anyway fuck u.

what im upset about is all the people who are gonna be discouraged by this. thats so shitty. being afraid to be urself bc of what some stupid rich white kid thinks

people keep tearing down/vandalizing the pride week posters in my res hall and i just

literally its fucking BAFFLING to me

ive been so lucky to grow up in a relatively accepting environment


when u and ur friends look fresh af



mor mail replies,


mor mail replies,



As a woman, I can attest to this: women only consider it “creepy” or “sexual harassment” if they don’t find you attractive.

lmao your head is so fucking far up ur ass u can probably chew ur food twice


when your parents try to explain a million things to you and youve just woken up